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Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement ...
St. Joseph Catholic School provides a distinguished academic education guided by our Catholic heritage. In the spirit of Christian collaboration, our School and Parish community grow together in Faith, Excellence, Respect and Pride.
St. Joseph School Philosophy
By living the gospel message, St. Joseph School supports the Catholic Church's mission to build a community of faith, worship, and service through Catholic education. Our purposes as a school are to inspire and nurture the whole child, encourage life-long academic and spiritual growth, and support parents as the primary educators of their children and teachers as facilitators of learning.
St. Joseph School community is committed to working in a manner that is deeply respectful of the uniqueness and intrinsic value of each student. Through quality education that meets the diverse needs of the individual learner, St. Joseph School develops the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional growth of each student. Policies and programs are promoted that reverence the dignity of all persons.
The clergy, administration, faculty, staff and parents share in the commitment to teach the gospel values. We integrate these values in all aspects of our community supported by daily faith sharing and worship.
St. Joseph School community encourages students to become life long learners. We provide opportunities for students to realize their potential and God given talents. We support each student to become an active, responsible Catholic Christian who is able to make moral decisions modeled after Christ.