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St. Joseph Catholic Preschool
Our program is geared to the developmental level of the children. They enjoy a curriculum that is rich in large and small muscle activities, language experience, family style snacks, and many opportunities to experience successful decision-making. We promote student development of a positive self concept and an attitude of respect and acceptance of self and others. We nurture and foster the formation of family, of parish, and of broader communities in which we live.

A family registration fee of $225.00 is due each year before enrollment begins. The registration fee is non-refundable. Registration for the school year will not be accepted from any family whose accounts are not current.  Exceptions will be made only when special arrangements have been made with the Preschool director.

If  you would like to tour the Preschool now, please contact Nancy Hernandez or the school at 714-528-1794 to schedule an appointment or information.
The Preschool Registration is online via Registration link provided under admissions. The Preschool enrollment packets are available in the school office. You must register using our Registration link for school attendance and fill out a PreSchool Enrollment packet for school records.
A Preschool enrollment application is required for EACH preschool student you would like to enroll.  Please submit payment along with application to the school office. A packet will be sent after the school receives the registration fee and the application form for enrollment.
Preschool 2, 3, and 5 day programs
2- Half day (Tuesday/Thursday) $275.00
3- Half day ( Monday/Wednesday/Friday) $353.00
5- Half day ( Monday-Friday) $525.00
2- Full day (Tuesday/Thursday) $353.00
3- Full day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) $465.00
5- Full day (Monday-Friday) $665.00