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Student Council

Student Council officers for 2016-2017 School Year are:
Below is a list of the student council officers:

President -Anne Marie Mayfield


Vice- President-Isabella Morrell


Secretary-Molly Arii


Treasurer-Alec Hawley


Ecology-Katie O’Hara


Religious Affairs -Luke Preston


Spirit & Publicity

-Theresa Cemen

-Emma Werbe


Boy’s Athletics-Shane Faley


Girl’s Athletics-Allyson Fuentes



-Joanna Ciudad

-Lucas Manuel  


Middle school students are servant leaders at St. Joseph School. The 2016-17 Student Council is composed of dedicated student leaders who work tirelessly all year to serve our school community. From leading courtyard prayer and announcements, to planning monthly assemblies, sponsoring "spirit" raising activities and service learning events, our SJS Student Council models Christian leadership for their student peers. Student Council members generously give their time to make our school a better place for all students.  
Here are just some of the activities Student Council members will participate in this year:
Parent Orientation
Monthly Assemblies
Traffic Duty
Pep Rallies
Spirit Family Lunches
Red Ribbon Week
Open House . . . and more!