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Welcome to Mrs. Hawley's webpage!  This is my second year teaching at St. Joseph School and I am loving working with all the students and staff to enhance our technology environment.  I am pleased to share that I completed my Masters Degree in Digital Teaching and Learning through Azusa Pacific University last year.  I learned so much in that program and have been able to use so much of it at SJS, especially with the implementation of our 1:1 iPad program this school year.  Please feel free to email me or stop by my room if you have any questions or need help with anything.  

Recent Posts

4th Grade Valentines

One of my favorite projects of the year is working with 4th grade on creating valentines.  We use our Technology Lab green screen together with our green screen app to take the initial picture.  The students then load that image into powerpoint so they can add their text as well as other objects.  When complete the students save the project in a JPG file format so they can be sent in to be printed as photos.  It is so fun to see the student's creativity come out in this multimedia project!  Follow the link below to access the files so that students can download and use them for their official class valentines.  

2016-17 Update

I am so proud to be starting my 3rd year at St. Joseph Catholic School.  Each year since I have been here has been a year filled with growth and lots of learning.  Last year we started our 1:1 iPad program with the 6th and 7th grade classes.  This year we have expanded our program to include 5th and 8th grade as well.  We now have tech books for Math, Science, and Social Studies, and have integrated Google Classroom into all of the 5th - 8th grade classrooms.  Fun stuff!  
In the Technology Lab we have updated CPU's that now give us 18 fully functional work stations where the students can learn everything from Digital Citizenship to Internet Safety to all offered in Office 2016.  In addition to the new work stations we also have a permanent green screen wall set up for all classes on campus to use as they wish.  We also film our SJS TV at 10 using the green screen on Thursday Mornings.  Check out our Youtube channel to see our broadcasts!  
As always, a new year means new adventures and possibilities ahead.  I look forward to working with each and every student at SJS and hopefully making a difference in their lives.   

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!

Ok, so it is the end of October so it seems a bit silly for me to post a welcome but this year has been crazy busy so far so I am playing catch up.  First of all, I am so very proud to share that SJS 6th and 7th grade are officially 1:1 with iPads!  (cue crowds cheering!)   All the middle school teachers have been working so hard to develop curriculum so as to use these new tools to enhance student learning.  We look forward to building the program in future years!
The second exciting change that has been happening at SJS (and throughout the entire Diocese of Orange) is the implementation of new standardized testing.  In the past we have used IOWA testing which was a full week of paper based tests.  We have now moved to using Renaissance STAR testing.  This test is administered online in the areas of Math and Language Arts.  It provides instant feed back to our teachers so that they can adjust their curriculum directly to the students needs, as shown by the testing results.  These formative tests were given at the end of September and will be given again in January and May.  Assessing students multiple times per year will give us a better idea of where are students are growing, and where they still may need some help.  
Third and last, I spent the last two weeks working with the students in all grade levels giving lessons on Digital Citizenship.   In our day and age it is SO important to teach students not only how to use computers, but how to be safe while using them.  Topics with the students changed depending on grade level, and ranged from "What is the Internet?" (Kindergarten) to "What is the difference between online and in person friends?" (3rd grade) to Digital Citizenship issues (Middle School)  We had candid conversations about what students have already experienced online, and discussed the appropriate ways to handle a variety of situations.  I encourage all parents to check out the webpage for more information on talking to and protecting your children in our digital world.
I feel honored and blessed to be a member of the faculty at St. Joseph Catholic School.  Our community means so much to me and my family, and I am so happy to be able to teach your children.  I look forward to a wonderful school year ahead!
Mrs. Hawley  

Our Lady of Guadalupe Movie

Made by half of the 5th grade class, this movie tells the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

How to tell if a website is a reliable source.

This video will give students they clues to look for in order to determine if the site is a reliable source.

Faith and Technology at St. Joseph Catholic School

A little video showing how faith is integrated into the technology classroom.

Technology with Mrs. Hawley

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me so warmly to the teaching staff at St. Joseph Catholic School.  I received my multiple subject teaching credential from Azusa Pacific University and am currently working on earning my Masters Degree in Education for Digital Teaching and Learning.  I am having a blast implementing what I am learning in that program directly into our wonderful school!  My door is always open so please feel free to stop by or email me with any questions.